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Milk Home Delivery Pune, Desi Cow Milk Home Delivery Pune

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    "Humpy A2 milk comes from Indian Desi Gir cows. We get our name Humpy A2 as our Gir cows have a prominent hump. The hump has a vein called as the Surya Kethu Nadi which draws Vitamin D from the Sun and delivers it in its healthy milk. This vein is absent in Jersey and HF cows. That’s why our milk is richer in Vitamin D. Our cows are from the Gir hills and forests of Gujarat. They are of red colour and some have white spots.

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    November 10, 2017

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    Agro And Food Products

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    Milk And Dairy Products

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    Contact Name : Jaywant
    Location : Pune, India
    Mobile / Phone No: 9112294400
    Posted Date : November 10, 2017
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