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PSORIASIS.............. Center For Advanced Ayurveda And Research (CFAAR) is an Advanced Ayurveda healthcare facility providing treatment for Neuro rehabilitation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Psoriasis, Neck Pain, Arthritis & Rheumatic diseases, Myasthenia Gravis, Hemiplegia, Obesity Management etc. INTRODUCTION Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by hyperproliferation of keratocytes. The basic pathology is that the skin cells grow abnormally faster. The normal course is that new cell replaces dead cells when they shed off. The rapid growth of new skin cells leads to accumulation before the dead skin cells shed, resulting in thick patches of dry skin with itching. It is not contagious and has a fluctuating course with remissions and relapses. USE OF RASAYANA They are medications that can rejuvenate the body tissues and maintain their proper health. Thus the irregularity in the skin cycle occurring in psoriasis can be corrected with use of Rasayanas. A wise combination of the above treatments can bring significant restoration of health in psoriatic patients. SPECIALITIES CFAARREHABILITATION IN SPINALCORD INJURY CFAARMULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CFAARTREATMENT FOR ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATIC DISEASES CFAARPARKINSON DISEASE CFAARMYASTHENIA GRAVIS CFAARMOTOR NEURON DISEASE CFAARAUTISM CFAARPARALYSIS CFAARKNEE PAIN CFAARBACK PAIN CFAARNECK PAIN CFAARPSORIASIS CFAARARTHRITIS & RHEUMATIC DISEASES CFAARCEREBRAL PALSY Fore more details visit
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March 18, 2017

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Hand Garden & Machine Tools

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Cross Cut Saw

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Company Name :CFAAR
Contact Name :ALBIN RAJESH
Location :Kochi, India
Phone : (048)- 28056 - 648971287407
Mob : (048)- 09605691170
Posted Date :March 18, 2017
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