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Civil 3d Training In Cadcam Centre Barra 6 Kanpur

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    COURSE DETAILS FOR 3D CIVIL/Architecture Day-1  Discussion Regarding the Syllabus of 3D Civil Course  Lecture for creating 2D Drawings of Architectural plan and all their levels  Lecture for creating 3D Drawings of Building Models, Assigning Materials, Camera, Lights, Rendering and Produce Bitmap Image. Day-2  Lab session for Creating Building plan with Layers Day-3  Extruding the Building Model from the above 2D plan  Subtracting Doors and Windows  Applying Plinth, Slab and Column of Building and Porch Day-4  Applying Doors, Window Frame, Pannel and Glasses. Day-5  Applying Different types of Chhajjas to Windows with Pardi. Day-6  Applying Different types of Railings.  Creating Parapet Wall and Coping.  Creating Slab. Day-7  Providing Front Elevation Section  Creating Entrance Gate  Creating Boundary Wall Day-8  Assignment for Modeling a Double Storied Building Project with Applying Doors and Window Frames upto ground floor. Day-9  Updating previously created plan by creating its first floor Day-10  Creating Ground Floor Slab with Balcony Design Day-11  Creating First Floor Slab with Parapet wall, Railing, Pardi, Tower and Porch Wall Design Day-12  Lecture Regarding Materials & Landscaping Day-13  Lab Sessions for Materials & Landscaping Day-14  Lecture Regarding Camera settings, Lights and Rendering Effect  Creating Bitmap Image of Building Model Day-15  Details for Submission Drawings  Creating Front Elevation and site plan with Dimension Day-16  Details for Section, Location plan, Schedule of opening, Area Status etc. of Submission Drawing Day-17  Types of Building Drawing  Understanding and making of Layout Plan, Lintel Level Plan and Slab Level Plan Day-18  Creating Electrical Layout, Water supply, Sewerage distribution, Kitchen Drawing of Building Day-19  Lecture regarding Plotting Guidance including plotting, printing and scaling of drawing in different sizes.

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    June 14, 2016

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    Contact Name : cadcam centre
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    Posted Date : June 14, 2016
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