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Ansys_final Training In Cadcam Centre Barra 6 Kanpur

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    ANSYS Course - Duration: One Week Day 1 Fundamentals of Strength of Materials and FEM Session 1: Fundamentals of Strength of Materials and FEM Overview of FEM FEA Model Entities (Nodes and Elements) Strength of Materials Stiffness and Strength Plane stress, Plane strain, Stiffness Matrix Stiffness Method and Flexibility Method ANSYS Products Overview of Boundary conditions, General analysis procedure. Introduction to ANSYS and Basic usage. Workshops ANSYS GUI Memory management. Picking and plotting. Coordinate systems. Logic picking and component manager Session 2: Demonstrations of 1D Elements. General procedure for Link and Beam Modeling General Procedure for Meshing General Procedure for Post processing Solving UDL and UVL Problems Resolving Loads Finding SFD and BMD Session 3: Introduction to 2D Elements 2D Element Behavior Plane Stress Plane Strain Axisymmetry General procedure for Modeling, Loading and Post processing Workshops Working with Symmetry BC’s Session 4: Introduction to 3D Elements Modeling Options Glue Overlap and other Boolean operations Working with Co-ordinate system (Local, Global and User defined) Importing Solid Models Workshops Creating Solid Model Day 3 - Finite Element Modeling Session 5: Creating finite element models (meshing). Element attributes Mesh controls Generating Mesh Free mesh Mapped Mesh Session 6: Preparing Models for Mesh Mesh Import Meshing Workshop Day 4 Introduction to Dynamic Analysis Session 7: Overview of FEM applied to Basic Dynamics. Modal analysis. General procedure for Loading and Post processing Workshops. Session 8: Harmonic analyses Transient analyses Workshops Day 5 Introduction to Thermal Analysis Session 9: Overview of Basic Heat transfer. Elements used in Thermal Analysis Loads and BC’s Solution of Conduction problems. Solution of Convection problems. Workshops. Session 10: Introduction to Multiphysics Analysis Solving Thermal - Structural problems (Coupled field analysis). Workshops. Summary and Case studies Effect of Pre-stress on natural frequency for an impeller ( Pre stressed Modal analysis). Heat transfer analysis on Heat sinks. Stress analysis of a Hydraulic Press frame. Fatigue life calculations on a connecting rod. Questions & Answers.

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    June 14, 2016

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    Contact Name : cadcam centre
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    Posted Date : June 14, 2016
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